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Title Lv Amount Class Place Location EXP Gil
Table Salt Table Salt1×9調理師EXP 480Gil 94 Gil
Grilled Trout Grilled Trout1×3調理師EXP 1,770Gil 93 Gil
Boiled Egg Boiled Egg1×3調理師EXP 1,092Gil 93 Gil
Maple Syrup Maple Syrup1×5調理師EXP 480Gil 93 Gil
Marmot Steak Marmot Steak1×3調理師EXP 1,770Gil 94 Gil
Raisins Raisins1×3調理師EXP 1,092Gil 93 Gil
Sweet Cream Sweet Cream5×5調理師EXP 2,106Gil 116 Gil
Jack-o[@SC]-lantern Jack-o'-lantern5×3調理師EXP 4,044Gil 187 Gil
Chanterelle Saute Chanterelle Saute5×3調理師EXP 3,430Gil 116 Gil
Orange Juice Orange Juice5×3調理師EXP 2,106Gil 117 Gil
Kukuru Butter Kukuru Butter5×5調理師EXP 4,044Gil 144 Gil
Braised Pipira Braised Pipira5×3調理師EXP 3,430Gil 140 Gil
Kukuru Powder Kukuru Powder10×5調理師EXP 4,460Gil 144 Gil
Grilled Carp Grilled Carp10×3調理師EXP 7,744Gil 117 Gil
Mole Loaf Mole Loaf10×3調理師EXP 7,698Gil 144 Gil
Grilled Dodo Grilled Dodo10×3調理師EXP 4,460Gil 141 Gil
Salt Cod Salt Cod10×3調理師EXP 7,744Gil 141 Gil
Parsnip Salad Parsnip Salad10×3調理師EXP 7,698Gil 145 Gil
Dodo Omelette Dodo Omelette15×3調理師EXP 8,114Gil 189 Gil
Raw Oyster Raw Oyster15×3調理師EXP 9,044Gil 144 Gil
Walnut Bread Walnut Bread15×3調理師EXP 13,146Gil 141 Gil
Lavender Oil Lavender Oil15×5調理師EXP 8,114Gil 196 Gil
Chicken and Mushrooms Chicken and Mushrooms15×3調理師EXP 12,218Gil 192 Gil
Apple Tart Apple Tart15×3調理師EXP 13,146Gil 141 Gil
Grape Juice Grape Juice20×3調理師EXP 12,746Gil 240 Gil
Walnut Bread Walnut Bread20×9調理師EXP 5,259Gil 236 Gil
Salmon Meuniere Salmon Meuniere20×3調理師EXP 20,578Gil 193 Gil
Honey Muffin Honey Muffin20×3調理師EXP 12,746Gil 231 Gil
Apple Tart Apple Tart20×9調理師EXP 5,259Gil 236 Gil
Shepherd[@SC]s Pie Shepherd's Pie20×3調理師EXP 13,718Gil 240 Gil
Ginger Cookie Ginger Cookie25×3調理師EXP 19,770Gil 236 Gil
Chicken Stock Chicken Stock25×9調理師EXP 33,100Gil 236 Gil
Chamomile Tea Chamomile Tea25×9調理師EXP 8,505Gil 193 Gil
Pea Soup Pea Soup25×3調理師EXP 19,770Gil 240 Gil
Crumpet Crumpet25×3調理師EXP 22,066Gil 141 Gil
Eel Pie Eel Pie25×9調理師EXP 11,115Gil 258 Gil
Dark Vinegar Dark Vinegar30×5調理師EXP 45,424Gil 289 Gil
Blood Currant Tart Blood Currant Tart30×3調理師EXP 31,882Gil 245 Gil
Cornmeal Cornmeal30×6調理師EXP 13,887Gil 159 Gil
Cornbread Cornbread30×3調理師EXP 30,282Gil 282 Gil
Tuna Miq[@SC]abob Tuna Miq'abob30×3調理師EXP 31,882Gil 445 Gil
Baked Sole Baked Sole30×9調理師EXP 17,670Gil 264 Gil
Knight[@SC]s Bread Knight's Bread35×3調理師EXP 64,792Gil 332 Gil
Sauerkraut Sauerkraut35×3調理師EXP 41,034Gil 443 Gil
Acorn Cookie Acorn Cookie35×9調理師EXP 19,600Gil 210 Gil
Mugwort Carp Mugwort Carp35×3調理師EXP 43,194Gil 359 Gil
Cheese Souffle Cheese Souffle35×3調理師EXP 41,034Gil 208 Gil
Cawl Cennin Cawl Cennin35×9調理師EXP 23,940Gil 359 Gil
Rolanberry Cheese Rolanberry Cheese40×5調理師EXP 83,662Gil 401 Gil
Jerked Beef Jerked Beef40×3調理師EXP 54,214Gil 383 Gil
Apple Juice Apple Juice40×9調理師EXP 32,049Gil 614 Gil
Rolanberry Cheese Rolanberry Cheese40×5調理師EXP 55,774Gil 401 Gil
Salt Cod Puffs Salt Cod Puffs40×3調理師EXP 54,994Gil 466 Gil
Pastry Fish Pastry Fish40×9調理師EXP 32,049Gil 409 Gil
Crowned Pie Crowned Pie45×1調理師EXP 106,560Gil 442 Gil
Deviled Eggs Deviled Eggs45×3調理師EXP 67,146Gil 466 Gil
La Noscean Toast La Noscean Toast45×9調理師EXP 39,087Gil 296 Gil
Buttons in a Blanket Buttons in a Blanket45×3調理師EXP 72,932Gil 450 Gil
Mulled Tea Mulled Tea45×3調理師EXP 69,104Gil 209 Gil
Rolanberry Lassi Rolanberry Lassi45×9調理師EXP 39,087Gil 497 Gil
Fig Bavarois Fig Bavarois50×3調理師EXP 109,544Gil 572 Gil
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Stuffed Cabbage Rolls50×3調理師EXP 122,918Gil 624 Gil
Baked Onion Soup Baked Onion Soup50×6調理師EXP 61,459Gil 624 Gil
Fig Bavarois Fig Bavarois50×9調理師EXP 219,088Gil 2,860 Gil
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Stuffed Cabbage Rolls50×9調理師EXP 245,836Gil 3,120 Gil
Baked Onion Soup Baked Onion Soup50×6調理師EXP 61,459Gil 936 Gil
Fermented Butter Fermented Butter52×7調理師EXP 140,746Gil 676 Gil
Ishgardian Muffin Ishgardian Muffin52×3調理師EXP 140,746Gil 676 Gil
Dhalmel Gratin Dhalmel Gratin52×6調理師EXP 78,624Gil 728 Gil
Fermented Butter Fermented Butter52×21調理師EXP 281,492Gil 3,380 Gil
Ishgardian Muffin Ishgardian Muffin52×9調理師EXP 281,492Gil 3,380 Gil
Dhalmel Gratin Dhalmel Gratin52×6調理師EXP 78,624Gil 1,092 Gil
Royal Eggs Royal Eggs54×3調理師EXP 193,190Gil 884 Gil
Emerald Soup Emerald Soup54×3調理師EXP 184,032Gil 832 Gil
Dhalmel Fricassee Dhalmel Fricassee54×6調理師EXP 96,595Gil 884 Gil
Royal Eggs Royal Eggs54×9調理師EXP 386,380Gil 4,420 Gil
Emerald Soup Emerald Soup54×9調理師EXP 368,064Gil 4,160 Gil
Dhalmel Fricassee Dhalmel Fricassee54×6調理師EXP 96,595Gil 1,326 Gil
Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce56×7調理師EXP 171,864Gil 780 Gil
Frozen Spirits Frozen Spirits56×3調理師EXP 198,778Gil 936 Gil
Baked Pipira Pira Baked Pipira Pira56×6調理師EXP 99,389Gil 936 Gil
Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce56×21調理師EXP 343,728Gil 3,900 Gil
Frozen Spirits Frozen Spirits56×9調理師EXP 397,556Gil 4,680 Gil
Baked Pipira Pira Baked Pipira Pira56×6調理師EXP 99,389Gil 1,404 Gil
Birch Syrup Birch Syrup58×7調理師EXP 200,232Gil 988 Gil
Clam Chowder Clam Chowder58×3調理師EXP 200,232Gil 1,040 Gil
Liver-Cheese Sandwich Liver-Cheese Sandwich58×6調理師EXP 100,116Gil 988 Gil
Birch Syrup Birch Syrup58×21調理師EXP 400,464Gil 4,940 Gil
Clam Chowder Clam Chowder58×9調理師EXP 400,464Gil 5,200 Gil
Liver-Cheese Sandwich Liver-Cheese Sandwich58×6調理師EXP 100,116Gil 1,482 Gil
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