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Title Lv Amount Class Place Location EXP Gil
Quicksilver Quicksilver1×3錬金術師EXP 480Gil 94 Gil
Leather Grimoire Leather Grimoire1×1錬金術師EXP 1,770Gil 95 Gil
Growth Formula Alpha Growth Formula Alpha1×3錬金術師EXP 1,092Gil 95 Gil
Animal Glue Animal Glue1×3錬金術師EXP 584Gil 96 Gil
Antidote Antidote1×3錬金術師EXP 1,770Gil 93 Gil
Maple Wand Maple Wand1×1錬金術師EXP 1,290Gil 93 Gil
Eye Drops Eye Drops5×3錬金術師EXP 2,106Gil 116 Gil
Distilled Water Distilled Water5×3錬金術師EXP 480Gil 141 Gil
Whispering Maple Wand Whispering Maple Wand5×1錬金術師EXP 3,430Gil 244 Gil
Rubber Rubber5×3錬金術師EXP 2,274Gil 117 Gil
Beeswax Beeswax5×3錬金術師EXP 4,044Gil 142 Gil
Maple Picatrix Maple Picatrix5×1錬金術師EXP 3,430Gil 141 Gil
Budding Maple Wand Budding Maple Wand10×1錬金術師EXP 4,460Gil 159 Gil
Ether Ether10×3錬金術師EXP 7,744Gil 141 Gil
Ash Picatrix Ash Picatrix10×1錬金術師EXP 7,698Gil 192 Gil
Potion Potion10×3錬金術師EXP 4,820Gil 140 Gil
Growth Formula Beta Growth Formula Beta10×3錬金術師EXP 7,744Gil 237 Gil
Roof Tile Roof Tile10×3錬金術師EXP 6,066Gil 146 Gil
Ash Wand Ash Wand15×1錬金術師EXP 8,114Gil 192 Gil
Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire15×1錬金術師EXP 12,218Gil 390 Gil
Potion of Vitality Potion of Vitality15×3錬金術師EXP 13,146Gil 143 Gil
Hard Leather Grimoire Hard Leather Grimoire15×1錬金術師EXP 8,114Gil 195 Gil
Potion of Mind Potion of Mind15×3錬金術師EXP 12,218Gil 142 Gil
Potion of Strength Potion of Strength15×3錬金術師EXP 13,566Gil 145 Gil
Budding Ash Wand Budding Ash Wand20×1錬金術師EXP 12,746Gil 287 Gil
Potion of Intelligence Potion of Intelligence20×5錬金術師EXP 4,869Gil 234 Gil
Enchanted Silver Ink Enchanted Silver Ink20×3錬金術師EXP 20,578Gil 404 Gil
Weak Blinding Potion Weak Blinding Potion20×3錬金術師EXP 12,746Gil 234 Gil
Potion of Dexterity Potion of Dexterity20×5錬金術師EXP 5,073Gil 234 Gil
Weak Silencing Potion Weak Silencing Potion20×3錬金術師EXP 13,250Gil 192 Gil
Crab Oil Crab Oil25×3錬金術師EXP 19,770Gil 272 Gil
Clear Glass Lens Clear Glass Lens25×1錬金術師EXP 33,100Gil 191 Gil
Goatskin Grimoire Goatskin Grimoire25×3錬金術師EXP 8,505Gil 468 Gil
Whispering Ash Wand Whispering Ash Wand25×1錬金術師EXP 20,946Gil 316 Gil
Engraved Goatskin Grimoire Engraved Goatskin Grimoire25×1錬金術師EXP 23,144Gil 596 Gil
Hi-Potion Hi-Potion25×5錬金術師EXP 11,115Gil 290 Gil
Hi-Potion of Strength Hi-Potion of Strength30×3錬金術師EXP 47,824Gil 310 Gil
Hi-Potion of Mind Hi-Potion of Mind30×3錬金術師EXP 30,282Gil 247 Gil
Horn Glue Horn Glue30×5錬金術師EXP 17,670Gil 404 Gil
Enchanted Mythril Ink Enchanted Mythril Ink30×3錬金術師EXP 31,882Gil 367 Gil
Hi-Potion of Dexterity Hi-Potion of Dexterity30×3錬金術師EXP 30,282Gil 192 Gil
Growth Formula Gamma Growth Formula Gamma30×3錬金術師EXP 17,670Gil 160 Gil
Budding Oak Wand Budding Oak Wand35×1錬金術師EXP 64,792Gil 385 Gil
Blinding Potion Blinding Potion35×3錬金術師EXP 41,034Gil 160 Gil
Poisoning Potion Poisoning Potion35×5錬金術師EXP 23,940Gil 274 Gil
Embossed Book of Silver Embossed Book of Silver35×1錬金術師EXP 43,194Gil 810 Gil
Sleeping Potion Sleeping Potion35×3錬金術師EXP 41,034Gil 243 Gil
Paralyzing Potion Paralyzing Potion35×5錬金術師EXP 23,940Gil 314 Gil
Mega-Potion Mega-Potion40×3錬金術師EXP 83,662Gil 396 Gil
Shark Oil Shark Oil40×3錬金術師EXP 54,214Gil 403 Gil
Smelling Salts Smelling Salts40×5錬金術師EXP 32,049Gil 369 Gil
Enchanted Electrum Ink Enchanted Electrum Ink40×3錬金術師EXP 55,774Gil 531 Gil
Book of Mythril Book of Mythril40×1錬金術師EXP 54,994Gil 405 Gil
Lanolin Lanolin40×5錬金術師EXP 32,049Gil 493 Gil
Potent Sleeping Potion Potent Sleeping Potion45×3錬金術師EXP 106,560Gil 445 Gil
Gold Needle Gold Needle45×3錬金術師EXP 67,146Gil 416 Gil
Mega-Potion of Vitality Mega-Potion of Vitality45×5錬金術師EXP 40,288Gil 346 Gil
Potent Silencing Potion Potent Silencing Potion45×3錬金術師EXP 71,040Gil 464 Gil
Potent Poisoning Potion Potent Poisoning Potion45×3錬金術師EXP 69,104Gil 403 Gil
Mega-Potion of Strength Mega-Potion of Strength45×5錬金術師EXP 39,087Gil 397 Gil
Enchanted Mythrite Ink Enchanted Mythrite Ink50×1錬金術師EXP 95,040Gil 520 Gil
Archaeoskin Codex Archaeoskin Codex50×1錬金術師EXP 95,040Gil 520 Gil
Void Glue Void Glue50×2錬金術師EXP 54,772Gil 572 Gil
Enchanted Mythrite Ink Enchanted Mythrite Ink50×3錬金術師EXP 190,080Gil 2,600 Gil
Archaeoskin Codex Archaeoskin Codex50×3錬金術師EXP 190,080Gil 2,600 Gil
Void Glue Void Glue50×2錬金術師EXP 54,772Gil 858 Gil
Wyvernskin Grimoire Wyvernskin Grimoire52×1錬金術師EXP 122,918Gil 624 Gil
Grade 1 Mind Dissolvent Grade 1 Mind Dissolvent52×1錬金術師EXP 157,248Gil 728 Gil
Holy Water Holy Water52×2錬金術師EXP 61,459Gil 624 Gil
Wyvernskin Grimoire Wyvernskin Grimoire52×3錬金術師EXP 245,836Gil 3,120 Gil
Grade 1 Mind Dissolvent Grade 1 Mind Dissolvent52×3錬金術師EXP 314,496Gil 3,640 Gil
Holy Water Holy Water52×2錬金術師EXP 61,459Gil 936 Gil
Wing Glue Wing Glue54×1錬金術師EXP 171,864Gil 780 Gil
Dhalmelskin Codex Dhalmelskin Codex54×1錬金術師EXP 171,864Gil 780 Gil
Enchanted Hardsilver Ink Enchanted Hardsilver Ink54×2錬金術師EXP 78,624Gil 728 Gil
Wing Glue Wing Glue54×3錬金術師EXP 343,728Gil 3,900 Gil
Dhalmelskin Codex Dhalmelskin Codex54×3錬金術師EXP 343,728Gil 3,900 Gil
Enchanted Hardsilver Ink Enchanted Hardsilver Ink54×2錬金術師EXP 78,624Gil 1,092 Gil
Hallowed Water Hallowed Water56×1錬金術師EXP 184,032Gil 832 Gil
Hallowed Chestnut Wand Hallowed Chestnut Wand56×1錬金術師EXP 184,032Gil 832 Gil
Draconian Potion of Dexterity Draconian Potion of Dexterity56×6錬金術師EXP 99,389Gil 936 Gil
Hallowed Water Hallowed Water56×3錬金術師EXP 368,064Gil 4,160 Gil
Hallowed Chestnut Wand Hallowed Chestnut Wand56×3錬金術師EXP 368,064Gil 4,160 Gil
Draconian Potion of Dexterity Draconian Potion of Dexterity56×6錬金術師EXP 99,389Gil 1,404 Gil
Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink58×1錬金術師EXP 198,778Gil 936 Gil
Noble Gold Noble Gold58×1錬金術師EXP 200,232Gil 1,040 Gil
Growth Formula Zeta Growth Formula Zeta58×2錬金術師EXP 99,389Gil 936 Gil
Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink58×3錬金術師EXP 397,556Gil 4,680 Gil
Noble Gold Noble Gold58×3錬金術師EXP 400,464Gil 5,200 Gil
Growth Formula Zeta Growth Formula Zeta58×2錬金術師EXP 99,389Gil 1,404 Gil
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