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Brass Loach

Brass Loach

Category > Seafood

Item level:9

gill Sale price 4 Gil / shop Sell price 18 Gil Average 18 Gil

This long, thin, brass-colored freshwater fish is most commonly found in the Yafaem Saltmoor and surrounding rivers and lakes. Crafting Material Desynthesizable: Yes Culinarian

Desynthesizable:9.00 [3015]
Item name Lv Details Category
Water Shard Water Shard
1A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric water energy. Crafting CatalystMowingCrystal
Lightning Shard Lightning Shard
1A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric lightning energy. Crafting CatalystMineCrystal
Clear Demimateria I Clear Demimateria I
10A crystallized mass of residual spiritbond energies transferred to an item by its maker during the crafting process.Exchangeable for gil.Demimateria
Fine Sand Fine Sand
2Extra-fine sand made up of particles barely visible to the eyes of men. Crafting MaterialRockStone
Copper Sand Copper Sand
5Bright-colored sand consisting of tiny grains of copper. Crafting Materialshop RockStone
NPC name Map Coordinate Area Name Sell price
魚商 魚商リムサ・ロミンサ:上甲板層 X:10.3 Y:13.618Gil 18 Gil
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