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Aetherial Mythril Cuirass


Aetherial Mythril Cuirass

Category > Body

Item level:40 / Equip Level:40 -


gill Sale price 43 Gil Market ng

Defense 102Magic Defense 102

STR +9 VIT +10 

Desynthesizable:40.00 [ARM]
the Stone VigilLv:41~Player:4 People
One of four watchtowers built along the Sea of Clouds by the city-state of Ishgard, the Stone Vigil was overrun and occupied by the Dravanian Horde not long after the Calamity. The following years have seen the knights of House Durendaire make several attempts at reclaiming the fortress, but to no avail. What could it be that thwarts their every effort?

Item NameCategoryI.LClassContent name
Wyvern Spear Wyvern Spear
Lancer's Arm43LNC DRGthe Stone Vigil
Dryad Cane Dryad Cane
Two-handed Conjurer's Arm43CNJ WHMthe Stone Vigil
Ishgardian Steel Ingot Ishgardian Steel Ingot
Metal41the Stone Vigil
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
Gladiator's Arm43GLA PLDthe Stone Vigil
Jamadhars Jamadhars
Pugilist's Arm43PGL MNKthe Stone Vigil
Shadow Bow Shadow Bow
Archer's Arm43ARC BRDthe Stone Vigil
Keep of Saints Keep of Saints
Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm43THM BLMthe Stone Vigil
Blackened Scale Mail Blackened Scale Mail
Body36GLA MRD LNC PLD WAR DRGthe Stone Vigil
Rusting Scutum Rusting Scutum
Shield35GLA PLDthe Stone Vigil
Ripped Chef[@SC]s Hat Ripped Chef's Hat
Head36All classthe Stone Vigil
Stained Chef[@SC]s Apron Stained Chef's Apron
Body35All classthe Stone Vigil
Mildewed Thighboots Mildewed Thighboots
Feet36All classthe Stone Vigil
Blunt Goblin Scimitar Blunt Goblin Scimitar
Gladiator's Arm37GLA PLDthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Sprouting Rosewood Radical Aetherial Sprouting Rosewood Radical
Two-handed Conjurer's Arm41CNJ WHMthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Padded Linen Trousers Aetherial Padded Linen Trousers
Legs40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Raptorskin Targe Aetherial Raptorskin Targe
Shield42GLA CNJ THM PLD WHM BLMthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Lightning Brand Aetherial Lightning Brand
One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm41THM BLMthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Lance Aetherial Mythril Lance
Lancer's Arm40LNC DRGthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Mitt Gauntlets Aetherial Mythril Mitt Gauntlets
Hands42GLA MRD LNC PLD WAR DRGthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Plate Belt Aetherial Mythril Plate Belt
Waist40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Bhuj Aetherial Mythril Bhuj
Marauder's Arm41MRD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Barbut Aetherial Mythril Barbut
Head42GLA MRD LNC PLD WAR DRGthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Celata Aetherial Mythril Celata
Head40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Sabatons Aetherial Mythril Sabatons
Feet40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Cuirass Aetherial Mythril Cuirass
Body40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Gauntlets Aetherial Mythril Gauntlets
Hands40GLA MRD PLD WARthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril Ear Cuffs Aetherial Mythril Ear Cuffs
Earrings40All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Mythril-plated Caligae Aetherial Mythril-plated Caligae
Feet42Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Boarskin Duckbills Aetherial Boarskin Duckbills
Feet40All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves Aetherial Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves
Hands40Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Peisteskin Harness Aetherial Peisteskin Harness
Body42Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Peisteskin Hunting Belt Aetherial Peisteskin Hunting Belt
Waist42Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Peisteskin Subligar Aetherial Peisteskin Subligar
Legs42Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Book of Mythril Aetherial Book of Mythril
Arcanist's Grimoire41ACN SMN SCHthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Tortoiseshell Hora Aetherial Tortoiseshell Hora
Pugilist's Arm41PGL MNKthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Plumed Walnut Macuahuitl Aetherial Plumed Walnut Macuahuitl
Gladiator's Arm41GLA PLDthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Oak Composite Bow Aetherial Oak Composite Bow
Archer's Arm40ARC BRDthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Robe Aetherial Woolen Robe
Body41All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Hat Aetherial Woolen Hat
Head41All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Dress Gloves Aetherial Woolen Dress Gloves
Hands41All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Turban Aetherial Woolen Turban
Head40Disciples of Warthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Tights Aetherial Woolen Tights
Legs41All classthe Stone Vigil
Aetherial Woolen Sash Aetherial Woolen Sash
Waist40All classthe Stone Vigil
Ars Notoria Ars Notoria
110543SCHthe Stone Vigil
Ars Almadel Ars Almadel
Arcanist's Grimoire43ACN SMNthe Stone Vigil
Eisentaenzer Eisentaenzer
Marauder's Arm43MRD WARthe Stone Vigil
Blue Steel Blue Steel
Machinist's Arm43MCHthe Stone Vigil

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